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​​​​​​​Sisterlytics – Bespoke Social Media Analytics

In our plugged-in world we leave digital footprints with each social post and tag we write, often without giving it a second thought.

We’re constantly adding to a sea of social media data which can be harnessed and used as a powerful research tool for brands. This can significantly strengthen PR and marketing strategies and help shape overall business goals and objectives.

Sister works with a team of professors who are experts in the analytics field.

The unique aspect about our service is the use of human judgement, not just automated algorithms, to listen to and interpret online conversations and make sense of relevant social media data.

How Sister analytics can be used

Market research

​​​​​​​A bespoke analytics service can be set up as a standalone piece of research or used in conjunction with traditional surveys and opinion polls.

User Profiling Graph

Taking a look at a brand's followers and engagers, the colours of the graph above represent groups of users characterised by their actions, conversations and levels of engagement across social media platforms.

Sentiment analysis

We can interpret attitudes, opinions and emotional responses associated with your brand or specific marketing events and campaigns. For example, sarcasm and humour could easily be misinterpreted as negative by an automated system, whereas we can detect tone of voice.


How Sister analytics can help you in practice

Learn more about people’s views on latest fashion trends, who and what is being talked about and in what context

Understand where your target audiences are dining out and what they’re saying about individual bars, cafés and restaurants 

Find out what people think about your brand and how this compares to your competitors

Learn what’s trending in your industry

Help measure return on investment (ROI) when holding events or online campaigns



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